ABM Innovative FZE
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Casing: Scratch-Proof (Vehicle Body) Plastics.
Fingerprint Algorithm: HSA 8.0, Licensing fees paid
Access control Interface: Wiegand
Verification Mode: Fingerprint or PIN
Finger Placement Angle: +/-45 degrees.
False Rejection Rate: Less than 0.01%.
False Acceptance Rate: Less than 0.0001%.
Identification Time: Less than 1s.
Identification Mode: 1:N / 1:1.
Operation Mode: Stand-alone.
Verification Mode: Fingerprint, Pin.
Capacity of Fingerprints: 2,000 (3/person)
Capacity of Users: 2,000.
Capacity of Transactions: 50,000.
Communication: RS232/485/TCP/IP.
USB Flash Drive Download: Yes.
Access control Interface: Access Control / Wiegand.
Sound Notification: Yes.
User Name Display: Yes
Power Adapter: 120V AC input, 5V 1A DC output